What Does It Mean To Oversee Something?

How do you use oversee in a sentence?

1) You must employ someone to oversee the project.

2) Call in an architect or surveyor to oversee the work.

3) He has vowed to oversee the elections impartially.

4) A team leader was appointed to oversee the project..

What is another word for oversee?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for oversee, like: look after, examine, supervise, superintend, command, manage, inspect, monitor, rule, run and shepherd.

What does it mean to regulate something?

English Language Learners Definition of regulate : to set or adjust the amount, degree, or rate of (something) : to bring (something) under the control of authority. : to make rules or laws that control (something)

What does overlooked mean?

to fail to notice, perceive, or consider: to overlook a misspelled word. to disregard or ignore indulgently, as faults or misconduct: Only a parent could overlook that kind of behavior. to look over, as from a higher position: a balcony that overlooks the ballroom.

What does oversaw mean?

to watch over and direct; superviseDefinition of ‘oversaw’ 1. to watch over and direct; supervise.

What is it called when you overlooked something?

neglect, disregard, ignore, overlook, slight, forget mean to pass over without giving due attention. neglect implies giving insufficient attention to something that merits one’s attention.

What does overbalance mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : outweigh. 2 : to cause to lose balance.

What does oversee mean in business?

oversee | Business English to watch or organize a job or an activity to make certain that it is being done correctly: As marketing manager, her job is to oversee all the company’s advertising. … The company CFO will oversee the budget and finances.

What does superintend mean?

transitive verb. : to have or exercise the charge and oversight of : direct.

What is the meaning of direct?

: to cause (someone or something) to turn, move, or point in a particular way. : to cause (someone’s attention, thoughts, emotions, etc.) to relate to a particular person, thing, goal, etc. : to say (something) to a particular person or group. direct.

What is the meaning of oversight function?

Congressional oversight refers to the review, monitoring, and supervision of federal agencies, programs, activities, and policy implementation. Congress exercises this power largely through its congressional committee system.

What is another word for overlooked?

Some common synonyms of overlook are disregard, forget, ignore, neglect, and slight.