What Does ANK Mean On A Returned Letter?

What does key return zip code mean?

In our experience the white “KEY RETURN ZIP CODE” label is used to prove the package was successfully sent to the US through customs but was being returned to the sender in another country.

This sticker is to prove the package was sent to the zip code on the address but was not delivered..

Who pays postage on return to sender?

The sender has to pay the postage when it is returned to them. Keep that in mind if you’re returning 1st class or Priority mail. The sender does not have to pay when it is returned to them refused, it is part of the first class service.

What does Nixie mean on mail?

A Nixie is a name given by the United States Postal Service to a piece of mail which is undeliverable as addressed. It is derived from “nix”, English slang for the German nichts (“nothing”), and “-ie”, an item or a thing. (“Nix” used in English c. 1780–1790, “Nixie” c. 1880–1885.)

What does Vtf mean on mail?

Undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail is a clunky name for a big problem: Mail not reaching its intended recipient because the address is incorrect, incomplete, or illegible.

Can I resend a returned letter?

If the Post Office put a label on the package as return to sender -Undeliverable,then you can research the mailing address for errors. If the address is correct – You can have the post office resend the package out again and it will not cost you. … The postal clerk just shakes her head and says it will go out again.

What do I do if mail is returned to sender?

As an alternative to giving the item back to your mail carrier, you can put it in a USPS mail collection box. The post office will collect it and return it to the sender or forward it to the correct address. You can find the nearest collection box by using the USPS “Find Locations” page.

What does UAA mean on mail?

Undeliverable-as-AddressedUndeliverable-as-Addressed (UAA) Mail Statistics.

What does NSN mean on returned mail?

No Such Number“No Such Number” (NSN) is the term for a mail piece not deliverable as addressed.

What does the yellow sticker on mail mean?

Answer: Yellow NIXIE labels provide information for Undeliverable As Addressed mail. Mail gets returned to senders for a variety of reasons, and much of it comes back with a yellow label on it from the USPS. … The yellow “NIXIE” label marks Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) mail (for reasons other than a move).

Why did my letter get returned?

Mail can be undeliverable for these reasons: No postage. Incomplete, illegible, or incorrect address. Addressee not at address (unknown, moved, or deceased).

What does it mean when mail is unable to forward?

UAA Code: Not Deliverable as Addressed or Unable to Forward Possibly one of the most common returns, this means that the addressee on the mailpiece has moved or the data does not match the address on the piece. For any number of reasons, this mailpiece cannot be forwarded.

What mail is marked Do Not Forward?

Bulk mailing mail pieces classified as standard mail or non-profit mail will not forward. In addition, lightweight packages without a forwarding endorsement and bound printed matter will not forward. USPS held my mail after I forwarded previous owners’ mail.