What Are Some Fragile Items?

What is the most delicate material?

The following are often considered to be among delicate fabrics:Chiffon.Moire.Most sheer fabrics.Ninon.Lace (including Bobbin lace)Silk, especially embroidered, Tussar, and Rajshahi silk..

Is Delicate positive or negative?

Delicate can have negative overtones: A delicate situation is a tricky one. A delicate balance describes an agreement that might turn sour any moment. A delicate child may cry easily. But delicate can also refer to things that are very lovely and hard to reproduce: a delicate lace collar on a dress stands out.

What is delicated?

1 : pleasing because of fineness or mildness a delicate flavor. 2 : able to sense very small differences a delicate instrument. 3 : calling for skill and careful treatment a delicate operation. 4 : easily damaged delicate flowers. 5 : sickly sense 1 a delicate child.

What are things that break easily?

Top 5 Breakable ItemsGlass. Of course, glass needs to be number one on the list for the most breakable items. … Crockery. Have you ever noticed that the plates and bowls in your kitchen reduce in numbers? … Electrical Products. … Phone Screens. … Spectacles.

What is the most fragile material?

In fact, graphite is so soft that if you made a pencil from pure graphite it would break before you could even write with it – so we mix it with a harder clay binder so we can use it. But if you form the exact same carbon atoms into a diamond, then it’s the hardest common material known to mankind.

What is something you break on purpose?

Breaking things on purpose means someone wanted to break the object. • Breaking things on purpose is not a nice thing to. do. Sometimes people break things when they get very angry.

What is the meaning of fragile?

fragile, frangible, brittle, crisp, friable mean breaking easily. fragile implies extreme delicacy of material or construction and need for careful handling. a fragile antique chair frangible implies susceptibility to being broken without implying weakness or delicacy.

What is the easiest thing to break in the world?

17 World Records You Could Break TomorrowMost CDs balanced on one finger. … Most T-shirts put on in one minute. … Most Jell-O eaten with chopsticks in one minute. … Most sticky notes on the face in one minute. … Fastest time to place 24 cans in a fridge. … Most tennis balls held in one hand.More items…•

What is the end of everything?

Riddle: What is the end of everything? Answer: The letter “g”.

What are things that are fragile?

Fragile things are those which can break or shatter easily. They are usually thin, with delicate joints, or made out of a very soft or brittle material….Things That Are FragileSilence.Snowflake.Bubble.Butterfly Wing.Spiderweb.Dragonfly.Fly.Bee.More items…•

What things are broken?

Something that’s broken is severely damaged — it’s either split into pieces or doesn’t work anymore. Your broken alarm clock is no help at all when you’re trying to get to school on time! If your arm is broken, the bone is physically damaged and needs time to heal before you can use it the way you normally do.

What question can never be answered with a yes?

What question can you never honestly answer yes to? Are you asleep? (or dead, or conscious, or being silent). Are you asleep? (or dead, or conscious, or being silent).

How do you fix broken things?

12 Easy Tricks To Fix Broken StuffRemove Chewing Gum From Clothes. To remove chewing gum stuck to jeans you should hold an ice cube on the gum until it hardens. … Unscrew A Smashed Bulb. … Re-pressurise Your Shower Head. … Clean Sticky Labels. … Remove Rust. … Clean Pen Marks Off Your Furniture. … Unscrew A Screw With A Broken Head. … Clean Stainless Steel.More items…•

How do you describe delicate?

fragile; easily damaged; frail:delicate porcelain; a delicate child. so fine as to be scarcely perceptible; subtle: a delicate flavor. soft or faint, as color: a delicate shade of pink.

What is something very delicate?

The definition of delicate is someone or something that is subtle, fragile, frail or a skilled example of something. An example of delicate is an unboiled egg. An example of delicate is a finally spun piece of glass. An example of delicate is a light and delicious cream sauce.

What is a sentence for fragile?

Fragile sentence examples. You can’t protect someone so fragile from what’s coming. She had entrusted him with the fragile framework of her dreams and he had stumbled. These models were so fragile that they usually broke in coming in contact with the ground in their descent.

What is so fragile that even saying it breaks it?

The answer is pretty easy and straightforward, it is the letter ‘R’. Looking into the letter of MARCH and APRIL, R is the middlemost letter.

What breaks every time you say its name?

silenceThe answer to the “what disappears as soon as you say its name” riddle is silence.