Quick Answer: Where Can I Top Up My CashCard?

Can AXS machine top up CashCard?

Is CASHCARD still acceptable at AXS Station.

No, CashCard payment is not acceptable at AXS Station.

You may make your payment using ATM cards from DBS Bank, POSB, Citibank, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered and UOB..

How do I check the balance on my cash card?

A. To check Cash App balance over the phone you need to open the cash app, just look to the top and there will be a green button showing your balance.

Is PAssion card a cash card?

Other than easy, cash-free payment, you’ll get to enjoy member perks and discounts. Out of the range of cards to choose from in Singapore, one of the most widely-owned and affordable ones is the PAssion Card, with fees of just $12 for 5 years for those aged 18 to 59, and $10 for those outside the age range.

How do I refund an expired Nets Flashpay card?

Visit any TransitLink Ticket Office or NETS Customer Service Centre and present your card for refund. Refund amount will be credited into your bank account within 14 working days.

Which credit card has Nets FlashPay?

Frank Credit CardNETS FlashPay is a contactless payment feature on Frank Credit Card that can be used for everyday payments such as for food, groceries, transport and it is accepted at more than 85,000 acceptance points islandwide. NETS FlashPay and Visa payWave are two different contactless payment features on the FRANK Credit Card.

EZ-Link can also be used for ERP charges, any government payment one needs to make, as well as the transport or transit costs. … The EZ-Link card is backed by the government, while the NETS Flashpay is backed by a large banking corporation. In simple terms, they are both stored value cards, issued by different places.

Is debit card same as Nets?

NETS as a debit is used locally only. Visa/Master can be used worldwide but with service surcharge etc. It’s actually (NETS or Debit Cards) vs Credit Cards. Debit – Pay using money you have in your bank account.

How do I get cash off my CashCard?

You can use your Cash Card to make ATM withdrawals with your Cash PIN at any ATM.ATM Withdrawal Limit. For your protection, your Cash Card ATM withdrawals are limited.ATM Fees on Cash Card. Cash Cards work at any ATM, with just a $2 fee charged by Cash App.Free ATM Withdrawals.

Topping up your ez-link card is easier with DBS PayLah!Download the EZ-Link app (Android) & log in to register your EZ-Link card.Select Top Up on the EZ-Link app (Android) Note: The top-up function is only available for NFC-enabled Android phones.Select DBS PayLah! as the Payment Option. Note: Check that you have sufficient PayLah!

How much is a cash card?

The Cash Card is a free, customizable debit card that is connected to your Cash App balance. It can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, both online and in stores. To order yours: Tap the Cash Card tab on your Cash App home screen.

Can I top up CashCard online?

In a media release, NETS said the Contactless CashCard mobile app will allow users to track transactions and sign up to top up their cards automatically. The new contactless CashCard can be used with existing second-generation In-Vehicle Units (IUs). … It can also be purchased from the NETS FlashPay website.

How do I top up my cash card at an ATM?

Locate a POSB/DBS ATM near you:Insert your ATM/Debit/Credit Card.Key in your 6-Digit Card PIN.Select More Services followed by NETS FlashPay/Cashcard/Ez-link/Concession Card.Select Ez-link card followed by Continue.Select Top-up and select the Account you wish to use.More items…

How can I get my money back from an expired cash card?

If your CashCard is not expired/faulty, you may proceed to do an immediate refund at any POSB/DBS, OCBC and UOB ATM, or at our NETS Customer Service Centre. For expired CashCards, please apply for a refund at our NETS Customer Service Centre.

Can top up CashCard using credit card?

vCashCard is a new service that enables customers to pay ERP charges using their Credit/Debit cards. The service is jointly provided by LTA and NETS and use of the vCashCard is subject to the Terms and Conditions Governing the Use of CashCard.

How do I add money to my IU card?

How do I insert CashCard?Insert the CashCard face down.The magnetic strip facing up should be to your left.Insert the CashCard into the IU until you hear a click.

*NEW Top up your EZ-Link: The top up function has arrived on iOS. … Safe, secure and seamless payments are now possible with the EZ-Link Wallet.

How do I renew my nets cash card?

Card Expiry/Expired CardOn your top-up receipt or statement print receipt.Via the NETS FlashPay Reader App.By calling our NETS Customer Service at 6274 1212 with the 16–digit CAN number on the back of your Contactless CashCard.

Do I need to activate nets FlashPay?

To use the NETS FlashPay wallet on your Debit/Credit Card, you will have to activate the wallet at General Ticketing Machines. Upon successful activation, load your NETS FlashPay wallet and you can start to use it for your transit or retail needs.

How do I top up nets FlashPay with a credit card?

Register for Auto Top-Up online on the NETS ATU Registration PortalClick here to register for Auto Top-Up (ATU) by Credit/Debit Card.An activation code will be sent to you via SMS, and an email within 2 days upon successful registration.More items…

How can I reload my cash card?

How to add money to your Cash Card on the Cash AppOn the Cash App home screen, tap the “My Cash” tab, which is located on the far-left side on the bottom of your screen. … On the “My Cash” page, click “Add Cash” and enter the amount of cash you wish to place on your Cash App and Cash Card balance.More items…•

Now you can conveniently top-up your ez-link card on AXS Station. … – Top-up of concession cards issued by LTA is not available on AXS Station. – Only accepts payment using DBS Bank, POSB or Citibank ATM card. – A $0.20 convenience fee for each top-up will be charged by EZ-Link.