Quick Answer: How Do You Keep Kids Drawings?

How do I organize my child’s school work?

Probably the fastest and easiest method for organizing and storing children’s school work is simply to place it by grade level into separate bins, boxes, or envelopes..

How do kids organize their memories?

How to Organize All Your Kids’ Memories & Work into a Memory BoxFile folders. You’ll need a ton of these folders so this package of 25 is perfect. … White Folders for the “School Work” and “Memory” Sub-Folders. I used these white folders to organize the two categories of each year. … See-through sub-folders. … Customized Labels.

How do kids organize their artwork?

How to Easily Save and Share Your Child’s ArtUse an Art App like Keepy. Save your kids’ memories and remove the clutter. … Invest in an Art Portfolio. Store your favorite pieces in a bound portfolio. … Turn Your Art into a Photo Album. Lose the cluter and keep the art in one easy-to-find spot. … Find Display Cabinet Frames that Open. … Store Art in a Large Container.

What do you do with your kids school pictures?

7 Creative Ways to Showcase Yearly School PhotosPurchase a Digital File or Scan and Digitize Older Prints. … Combine Several Portraits into a Photo Collage. … Framed Wall Displays. … Picture in a Picture. … Create a Photo Book or Album. … Use School Portraits in a Slideshow Video. … Store Photos in a Keepsake Display Box.

How do I show many pictures?

Steal these photo display ideas for right now—or save them for the next time you’re ready to show off your favorite pictures.1 Make a photo wall. … 2 Invest in standing frames. … 4 Mix art and interior design. … 6 Put dozens of photos in one print. … 7 Get inspired by nature. … 9 Re-use existing art. … 11 Use hanging flip books.More items…•

Where can I store my kids art?

If you’re considering an online method for storing kids artwork, Keepy’s app allows you to store memories. As you go through your child’s artwork, make a pile of what to throw away and what to save. The memories in the throw-away pile can be uploaded to Keepy and stored securely.

How can I preserve my child’s school work?

Follow These StepsBuy one bin for each child and label it. Purchase as many plastic containers as you have school-age children. … Collect work in the bin. … Take pictures of oversized pieces. … Sort and store bin when school year ends.

What do I do with my kids drawings?

What to do with kids’ artworkPass some along to the grandparents. Grandparents love handmade creations from the grandkids. … Use it as gift wrap or as cards. … Rotate the best artwork in frames. … Keep clutter boundaries with a designated bulletin board. … Keep storage boundaries with a designated box. … Take photos of the art. … Toss it.

Where do you put your drawings?

14 Free Places To Promote Your Art Online1. Facebook Page & Groups. Facebook is the first network that comes to mind for promoting your art. Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2 billion users and growing. … Instagram. … Wetcanvas Forums. … Reddit (Art Related Sub-Reddits) … Pinterest. … Deviant Art. … Your Website & Blog. … Steemit.More items…•

How do you preserve pencil drawings with hairspray?

Place the drawing in a well-ventilated area where you have plenty of light. Spray an even coat of hair spray over your drawing from about 6 inches away. Once the first coat is dry, you can add more coasts if you feel it’s necessary to do so.

How can I take school pictures at home?

How to Take Your Own School PhotosShow some personality. One of the things that strikes me about traditional school photos is the sameness, and one of the reasons we homeschool is so that our boys are free to be themselves! … Make use of natural light. Forget the flash. … Try a new perspective. … Get close. … Use the rule of thirds. … Embellish.