Question: Why Did Son Of Zorn Get Cancelled?

How many seasons are there of Son of Zorn?

1Son of Zorn/Number of seasons.

What happened to Son of Zorn?

Fox has canceled freshman comedies “Son of Zorn” and “Making History,” as well as freshman drama “APB.”

What happened to APB?

No use putting out an all points bulletin for the Fox drama APB: The freshman show won’t return for the 2017-18 season. The network canceled the series about a tech billionaire (Justin Kirk) who buys a troubled police precinct in hopes of turning it into a private police force.

What is son of Zorn based on?

Unlike series such as Lethal Weapon, The Exorcist, or MacGyver, Son of Zorn isn’t based on some old movie or a defunct TV show, and there’s no comic book where you’ll find the central character. However, that doesn’t mean that the series is devoid of inspirations, just that it’s not really based on any one property.

Is son of Zorn on Netflix?

Son of Zorn | Netflix.

Did son of Zorn get Cancelled?

Fox has canceled freshman comedies Son of Zorn and Making History, EW has confirmed.

Is son of Zorn coming back?

Son of Zorn: Cancelled; No Second Season for FOX Hybrid Series. … The Son of Zorn TV show has been cancelled by FOX. There will be no season two of the Sunday comedy series. A live-action/hybrid TV show, Son of Zorn stars Jason Sudeikis (well, his voice) as the animated title character.

Will there be a season 2 of son of Zorn?

In news that is likely to upset Zephyria enthusiasts everywhere, confirmation has finally come down that Fox’s out-there live-action and animation hybrid, Son of Zorn, will not be living to see a season 2.