Question: What Stations Are On The Port Jefferson Line?

Which LIRR trains stop at Jamaica?

All LIRR services except the Port Washington Branch pass through Jamaica station.

The Main Line westwards leads to Long Island City station in Queens and Penn Station in Manhattan via Woodside, while the Atlantic Branch diverges along Atlantic Avenue to Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn..

Is LIRR safe at night?

LIRR is def safe late at night. On the weekends, there may be some drunks (had the joy of being trapped next to one twice!) but they usually leave you alone. If they are belligerent, the conductor will talk to them.

How much is the LIRR train?

LIRR offers both the $5.50 Round-Trip (2 rides) separately or on Round-Trip ticket types. If bought separately, a $1 fee will apply ($6.50 total cost). Round-Trip tickets may be purchased with a $5.50 MetroCard on the reverse side….DAILY TICKET TYPES.Bus OperatorMonthlyWeeklyLong Beach – All Buses$30.00N/A3 more rows•Apr 21, 2019

How do you get to Fire Island from NYC?

Long Island Railroad (LIRR) stations are near the William Floyd Estate and three mainland ferry terminals for Fire Island. From Penn Station in New York City, take the Montauk Branch of the LIRR to Mastic/Shirley for the William Floyd Estate or to Bay Shore, Sayville, or Patchogue to access ferry terminals.

Is Long Island Railroad running?

The Long Island Rail Road operates seven days per week with service and branches from Manhattan to Montauk. Most of the Long Island railroad stations are open during normal business hours.

Where does Long Island Railroad go?

The Long Island Rail Road (reporting mark LI), often abbreviated as the L.I.R.R., is a commuter rail system in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of New York, stretching from Manhattan to the eastern tip of Suffolk County on Long Island.

What stops are on the Port Jefferson line?

Direction: Westbound (7 stops)Westbury. 333 Union Avenue, Westbury View full schedule.Carle Place. 40 Garden Avenue, Westbury.Mineola. Station Plaza North, Mineola.Merillon Avenue. 124 Atlantic Avenue, Garden City.New Hyde Park. 1333 2nd Avenue, New Hyde Park.Jamaica Lirr. View full schedule.NY Penn Station.

How much is Port Jefferson train?

The best way to get from Port Jefferson to Penn Station is to train which takes 5h 52m and costs $45 – $140. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs $45 – $110 and takes 8h 29m.

How long is the train ride from Penn Station to Babylon?

Long Island Rail Road operates a train from New York Penn Station to Babylon every 30 minutes. Tickets cost $9 – $13 and the journey takes 1h 18m.

How do you buy LIRR tickets?

MTA eTix® Now Available on All LIRR Branches To access MTA eTix, download the free app on iPhone or Android and set up your account. Buy your LIRR ticket in advance of travel with a credit or debit card. Then, activate your ticket on the app just before you board the train so you can display it to the conductor.

How many LIRR lines are there?

eleven rail linesThe system currently has 124 stations on eleven rail lines called “branches”. (Not included in this count are two additional stations that serve employees of the LIRR: Hillside Facility and Boland’s Landing).

Can I use my MetroCard on LIRR?

The LIRR requires its own ticket as does MetroNorth. While you can PURCHASE a MetroCard at most LIRR stations, you CANNOT use an NYC MetroCard to travel on LIRR.

Is Jamaica Station Safe?

The station itself is not dangerous, neither are the immediate areas surrounding it. There are a lot of cops, and LIRR employees around. I wouldn’t venture around in Jamaica too far. Not the greatest neighborhood, but Jamaica Ave is okay and safe for the most part.

How do you get to Port Jefferson from NYC?

The best way to get from Manhattan to Port Jefferson is to train which takes 2h 40m and costs $11 – $18. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs $21 – $55 and takes 3h 58m.

What train line is Mineola on?

Mineola is a station on the Main Line of the Long Island Rail Road in the village of Mineola, New York. All trains for the Port Jefferson, Ronkonkoma, and Oyster Bay branches run through this station, as well as a few for the Montauk Branch.

What stops are on the Babylon line?

Direction: Eastbound (10 stops)NY Penn Station. 2 Penn Plaza, Manhattan View full schedule.Forest Hills. 106-12 Continental Avenue, Queens.Kew Gardens. 82-60 Austin Street, Queens.Jamaica Lirr. View full schedule.Rockville Centre. View full schedule.Baldwin. 20 Brooklyn Avenue, Freeport.Freeport. … Merrick.More items…

How far is Port Jefferson from Huntington?

19 milesThe distance between Port Jefferson and Huntington Station is 19 miles. The road distance is 24.9 miles.

What line is the Hicksville train station on?

Main LineHicksville is a station on the Main Line of the Long Island Rail Road located in Hicksville, New York. It is the busiest station east of Jamaica and Penn Station by combined weekday/weekend ridership….Hicksville station.HicksvilleOwned byLong Island Rail RoadLine(s)Main LinePlatforms2 island platformsTracks319 more rows